The WRAP Project

The Downtown Vancouver BIA partnered with Emily Carr University of Art & Design to celebrate the creativity of students, highlight the unique character of each city block along Granville and help deter graffiti while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the street.


The result? The Wrap project.

Briea Mainwaring

Briea Mainwaring is a Vancouverite and full time student at Emily Carr University.  Nature, outdoor adventures, travelling, and finding the beautiful things in life inspire her work: “I strive to make my illustrations small statements of beauty, reflective of how I like to see the world. Every day is an adventure and I try to recreate that wonderment in my art.” 

The WRAP project piece Briea designed, Afternoon Swim, was initially inspired by the sporting goods stores - Champs and Quiksilver/Roxy, etc. – that lined Granville Street. Being outdoors and active is a huge influence on her practice and in her life, so she decided to combine the lifestyle stores and her love of 

nature to create a wrap that reflected the beauty that is so close to downtown Vancouver and Granville Street. “When I need to have a break from the daily hustle and bustle of Vancouver, I always find time to be alone in nature - it is my happy place. My wrap is a little scenic break for the people rushing downtown.”

Relevant to this work, and to her art practice, Briea cites the influence and encouragement of her Emily Carr University instructor Beth Carruthers, and particularly her environmental ethics class. 

More of Briea’s public art will be installed in spring 2014 – including a street mural and light wrap, both designed for the Marpole Community (City of Vancouver.)
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