The WRAP Project

The Downtown Vancouver BIA partnered with Emily Carr University of Art & Design to celebrate the creativity of students, highlight the unique character of each city block along Granville and help deter graffiti while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the street.


The result? The Wrap project.

Laura McIntosh

Laura McIntosh is a Vancouver based artist and illustrator. She began painting clumsy surrealist art in the angsty basement of her youth, and over the years have ventured into many creative territories. 

Experience with various formats of visual storytelling informs her return to the expressive possibilities of painted imagery that drew her to art so many angsty basements ago. Laura works primarily in acrylic and oil paints, and she has a secondary practice of traditional 3D illustration (ie. Non-digital modelling and professional gluing and upholstering of imaginary creature habitats). Both types of work tend to fuel and inspire each other, and She is happy to bring these solutions to commissioned work as well as other projects.