The WRAP Project

The Downtown Vancouver BIA partnered with Emily Carr University of Art & Design to celebrate the creativity of students, highlight the unique character of each city block along Granville and help deter graffiti while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the street.


The result? The Wrap project.

Nicole Dunn

Nicole Dunn is an artist and illustrator from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Since a very young age, Nicole has loved to draw. She originally planned on becoming a geneticist, earning her B.Sc. from the University of Manitoba. While there, a botany professor had opened her eyes to the possibility of drawing as a career. Soon after, she realized that drawing was her true passion and was lead to Emily Carr University of Art + Design where she completed her B.F.A.

Nicole’s work is driven by her curiosity as she continues to look at the world around her with fascination and wonder. Much of her work is directed towards a younger audience, but her hope is that viewers of all ages can find it engaging and fun. She has done her job if she can make someone smile. Nicole also has a passion for characters and telling stories, with a keen interest in autobiographical visual narratives as well as those that are fictional. She enjoys exploring different storytelling techniques in her work for children’s literature and comics.

Nicole currently lives just outside of Winnipeg, MB and is working as a freelance illustrator. Her recent work includes illustrations for Whys Learning Inc. and a new children’s book. She is also working on writing her first graphic novel.
Phone: (204) 557-6426