The WRAP Project

The Downtown Vancouver BIA partnered with Emily Carr University of Art & Design to celebrate the creativity of students, highlight the unique character of each city block along Granville and help deter graffiti while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the street.


The result? The Wrap project.

Sylvia Chan

Sylvia Chan is an artist currently living in Vancouver. She enjoys drawing people in the midst of their thoughts or obsessively drawing noodles coming out of crevices. Her inspiration comes from the mundane nuances of everyday life, such as hand gestures and mannerisms. When not doodling, she can be found eating noodles. She has an intense appreciation for all things burgundy and swamp green coloured.

For more of her work, please visit:

There is a slight malfunction in the imaginary place of Electri City. The robot citizens are trying to pinpoint the source of their wiring problem and realize that there is a human among them. The city and its habitants disorient the human. In actuality, the wires are coming from the human’s head.